$1 Million Bounty to Be Offered for ‘Smoking Gun’ in IRS Targeting Scandal


irs1A nonprofit group hopes to award a $1 million bounty to anyone who can provide “smoking gun” evidence to implicate IRS leadership or members of the Obama administration who purposefully targeted conservative and tea party-affiliated groups, TheBlaze has learned.

Gregg Phillips, the managing director for The Voters Trust, a political nonprofit 501 (c)(4) which was established to identify and mobilize Americans, told TheBlaze on Wednesday “that this is the people’s bounty to seek the truth.”

Catherine Engelbrecht, president of the nonprofit group True the Vote, officially announced the bounty tonight on Megyn Kelly’s Fox News show, “The Kelly File.”

To qualify for the bounty, the person needs to provide “relevant evidence including emails, eye-witness accounts, or testimony of political targeting of Americans by the IRS or the Obama administration that has not previously been reported,” according to an official press release from the group obtained by TheBlaze.

Phillips said the evidence must lead directly to the arrest and conviction those responsible and the information provided will remain anonymous and confidential.

“We are going to crowdsource the financing for the bounty,” said Phillips, whose group has been planning the public bounty for months. “This is about the American people. The days of the big party – Republican, Democrat, Tea Party – are over and everybody has to unite right now… We’re going to unite people around the truth. We’re going to return people to liberty instead of expecting Congress or the Justice Department to investigate these wrong doings.”


{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. This is silly. The IRS leadership was all holdovers from the Bush administration at the time of this non-scandal scandal.

    The real scandal is how all these political groups got approved for 501(c)4 tax exempt status when they should have been organized as 527 political action groups.

  2. the entire obamanation is one corrupt & destructive government waiting to destroy this country & hiding every piece of evidence of its guilt

  3. #1 – that is really a lame comment. As long as you lefties get what you want, you really don’t care how unscrupulous you need to be to get there.


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