10.5 Million Visitors to Kosel in 2012


koselData published yesterday by Israeli police shows that an estimated 10.5 million people visited  the Kosel during the year 2012. The numbers show a major increase in Kosel visits compared to 2011.

in January, Israel began a series of renovations to Kosel facilities. For years there was public demand to improve facilities, particularly the public restrooms built many years prior when there were far fewer visitors.

In addition to doubling the size of the public restrooms, the improvements will include a covered waiting area for visitors to the Kosel tunnels and additional rooms for Kosel staff members.

The improvements are expected to be completed by no later than the beginning of 2014.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. Wait till next year when all Jews are in eretz yisrael for the redemption. There will be huge lines to get in and 300 story parking lots to accommodate all the Jews. You will be lucky to even be 100 feet away from the Kotel wall.

  2. 300 story parking lots to accommodate all the Jews.

    So, when your Moshiach comes, #2, all the rules of esthetics, architecture, engineering and building safety will be suspended – just to accommodate your gas-guzzling 1979 Pontiac.

    The spiritual aspect of His arrival will pale in comparison to your comfort.


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