1. I wonder what religious Zionists, who go on the Har Habayis, would answer to this?

    Do they just invoke his name when it suits them?

  2. In 1940s R’ Elya Meir asked my grandfather R’ M C. to head the Shabbos pirchei in one of the Cleveland shuls. Upstairs was a weekly Mizrachi get-together where there was mixed dancing. My grandfather challenged the madricha; how could they allow mixed dancing? Her response was that R’ Kook would have allowed it in these circumstances.

    My grandfather wrote to R’ Kook’s foremost talmid, R’ Yaakov Moshe Charlap who responded with a responsa in which he wrote “chas v’shalom there is no basis whatsoever for this”. The far-reaching responsa also covered the role of women in general, for example that his rebbe held that it was wrong to take the sefer torah over to the woman’s side to kiss the sefer torah.


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