12-Year-Old Israeli Bas Mitzvah Girl Killed In Thailand Fire



A 12-year-old Israeli girl was killed Wednesday in a ferry fire while celebrating her bas mitzvah on a family vacation in Thailand, off the country’s southwestern coast.

The girl, whose name was not initially published, was apparently locked in a bathroom stall and was unable to escape while the evacuation of the boat was taking place, Channel 2 reported.

Police Col. Sompong Thip-apakul had earlier told the Associated Press that a 12-year-old “Western child” was missing, but was thought to have been picked up by another boat going to Phuket.

An Israeli rescue worker present at the scene of the accident told Channel 2 that the girl had died of smoke inhalation.

The Israeli family flew to Thailand for Pesach to celebrate the girl’s bas mitzvah.

Officials from the Foreign Ministry and the Israeli Embassy in Thailand were looking into the incident.

Thip-apakul said the accident occurred on the Ao Nang Princess 5 ferry traveling from Krabi to Phuket, two of Thailand’s most popular beach resort areas.

Most of the rescued passengers and crew, totaling about 110 – including the girl’s parents and brother – were taken to Krabi, several kilometers from where the fire occurred.

The ferry was located roughly 10 kilometers off the coast of the southern province of Krabi when a fire apparently began in the engine room, according to the Bangkok Post.

Photos taken by rescuers, including the Krabi Marine Police, showed the abandoned vessel burning down almost to the waterline before sinking.

Sompong said police were investigating the cause of the blaze, but the task would be difficult because the vessel had sunk.

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  1. BDE
    another horrific tragedy hits klal yisroel in the midst of Simchas Pesach.

    But its just useless to write anything here… cause the situation is hopeless…ABSOLUTELY noone WILL wake up & start doing teshuva & begging Hashem to stop all this TZAROS.

    over 140 innocent kids & infants were niftar over the last 2 years in tragic accidents & in strange ways

    for a complete list of these names & tragedies R”L email to theteshuvamovement@yahoo.com (THE PRE-GEULA teshuva movement hashem awaits for so he can bring mashiach)

    May her neshama have an aliya

  2. do they have her body? where will the levaya be?

    so sad to happen on Pesach.

    may her soul rest in peace & may her family have a nechama

  3. #1 Your absolutely right
    Anyway we can stop these tragedies from happening?

    Anyone have any suggestions?

    This is really sad. She was just in the midst of her biggest Simcha of her Bas Mitzvah

    May we only have Simcha in k lal Yisroel

  4. Shmuel

    Choshed B’ksheirim os also monea the geula. Many people do teshuva and tefillah from these tragedies. They don’t necessarily find it necessary to post about it on the web.

  5. Why does a Jew celebrate a bas mitzva in Thailand? I can understand coming from overseas to Eretz Yisroel to celebrate, but, to leave E”Y to sch place?

  6. To be Motze Shem Ra On all of Klal Yisroel is not the Jewish way. Stop trying to fix the world. Start fixing yourself. You have 2 eyes. The right one should be used to see the good in others. The left one should be used to recognize your own faults. Respect others and if they do criticize you, take it to heat and work on YOURSELF.

  7. My dear Shmuel….Why do you have to say”absolutely no one will wake up and do teshuvoh”…How do you know that?.MAY I RESPECTFULLY ASK YOU IF YOU HAVE ALREADY BEGUN?.Even if you have,who say’s no one else has as well?..First it says “v’chipper ba’adoi”then”u’vad beisoi”and only after that’s been done does the Torah say “u”vad kol khall yisroel”…I’me sick and tired of continuously reading on this and other sites do-gooders urging us to do teshuvoh as if he’s the first one to think of this brilliant idea…Atleast begin by saying “Raboisai,i”ve begun the teshuvoh process,who wants to join me?”…I wish you a very happy y”t.

  8. Matzav.com has become a Christian Missionarry site.

    How else can we understand their continued postings – for years – from missionaries who seek to tell of gloom and doom, and pray on the rattled during tragedies? Furthermore, they even give out their email address!

  9. Huh

    You misread the message.

    Lots of us do teshuva on yom Kippur and all year round but Hashem is waiting for The TESHUVA OF BEIN ADAM LACHAVEIRO AND ACHDUS. For k lal Yisroel to come together AS A NATION and do teshuva (like in the days of Purim) so then Mashgiach can come.

    May we all finally wake up and return to Hashem together as a nation

    Enjoy the rest of yom tov

  10. To Shmuel and anyone else that is concerned about the Teshuva of Klal Yisrael.
    I was always taught to follow and imitate the ways of Hashem. Hashem in his infinite kindness does not give up on any single Yid. Who are we to give up and say it’s hopeless?? It’s true that it’s frustrating that we are trying to make the world a better place and have and continue to improve our ways and daven for the final Geula and we keep seeing more and more tragedies. Yet with my frustration I daven for those that don’t realize to do Teshuva or for those that cannot bring themselves to do it. Instead of standing by and bemoaning the fact – turn it into a tefilla. Daven that Hashem ignite the pintele yid in each yid to turn his heart and will to Hashem. Daven that each person on his level should be aroused to Teshuva. Daven that we are so far removed from Hashem that we don’t even realize it. Hashem hears and anticipates all tefillos and this may be more beneficial in yielding results. Additionally it will help in ahavas yisrael.
    Chag Sameach.
    Besuros Tovos

  11. To Antwerp Yiddish

    I have been in a state of “mourning & crying” on behalf of every Yid in k lal Yisroel for over 10 years already R”L .

    From fasting 5. Days a week (When not Yom Tov) to crying tikkun chatzos in ripped mourners clothing and ashes.to many more things in pain for the sake of my very brothers and t the zaros that each one is going through


    How do you think i feel every time tragedy strikes k lal Yisroel when i know it could’ve been avoided?

    Can you perhaps comfort me with any words? NOBODY CAN cause only TESHUVA will stop this time of non stop tragedies and then I will not be an avel anymore.

    May we all do teshuva ASAP

    May we all have a gitten zimmer


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