12-Year-Old Mugger in Williamsburg Caught


williamsburgThe following is a CBS report: There was relief, and disbelief, in a Brooklyn neighborhood after a suspect was arrested for a string of muggings. The bizarre part is the person accused of the crimes is only a child.

Williamsburg was buzzing with news that a thief, accused of mugging at least three people in their neighborhood, was finally busted.

But they were stunned to hear the suspect is only 12 years old. CBS 2 HD is not naming him because he’s a juvenile.

“We were really shocked. A gun for a little kid,” said Hershy Deutsch of the Kings County Safety Patrol.

The Safety Patrol said they captured the brawny boy Tuesday morning on Lee and Wilson avenues after he allegedly mugged a woman pushing a stroller carrying her 2-year-old child.
The volunteer patrol said the boy, armed with a toy cap gun, demanded the victim give up her purse.

“So she gave it to him. People saw it so people called. He started running so we started running after him. We caught him right over here. That’s where he gave up and he said the gun is not real,” Deutsch said.

The NYPD arrested the child, though the boy’s stepfather, who we won’t identify, said his stepson is innocent.

“The cops told a lie. They lied. I can say they lied about my child,” the stepfather said.

The boy’s stepfather also said his stepson is troubled, struggles in school and is going through therapy to deal with his behavioral problems. But the stepfather said the 12-year-old told him he did not try to rob the woman Tuesday and the stepfather said he believes him.

The suspect, who’s one of six children, is being held in juvenile detention while his parents are being investigated for child neglect. Some neighbors defended the parents.

“The mother is on his butt, you know what I’m sayin’?” Ivan Garcia said. “And she’s doing everything she can, but he’s out of control.”

The child’s family said they are trying to get him help.

The 12-year-old suspect will be back in court on Friday.

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  1. #2, how would that compassion translate? With the cop killer, we asked he remain in jail- for life- should the same apply to this 12 yearl old following tradition?


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