Agudah’s Moetzes Approves Litzman’s Ministerial Appointment


yaakov litzmanIsraeli Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman accepted the position of health minister offered to him by Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu today after the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah of Agudas Yisroel approved of the move today.

At the meeting of the Moetzes were the rebbes of Vizhnitz, Ger, Slonim, Boyan, Modzitz and Sadigur.

The Belzer Rebbe gave Litzman a brachah to be successful in his new position.

The meeting also addressed issues of chillul Shabbos across the country, an issue raised by the Gerrer Rebbe.

On the Litzman issue, Yahadut Hatorah traditionally has not allowed any of its MKs to be officials in order not to take responsibility for the government being mechallel Shabbos. However, after the High Court of Justice ruled that there cannot be any deputy ministers with the status of a minister, the meeting of the Moetzes was convened to decide on the matter.

“I respect the decision of the court,” Litzman said. “From my standpoint, my job will not change at all. I will continue to serve the citizens of Israel, just like I did before today, and advance the health needs of the people.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


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