$140 Million Pesach Hotel Programs a Virtual Sellout This Year


pesachPesach 2015 appears to be the year for travel as anyone searching for an airline seat to destinations like Florida or Arizona will find out when they try to book a flight. Seats are scarce and the prices exorbitant. Upward of 60,000 Jews will be spending the eight-day Yom Tov in more than 120 destinations.

One relative newcomer who has greatly expanded its option this year was the Prime Restaurant Group with programs at three major resort destinations, including its flagship program in Laguna Beach. Many of the vacationers prefer the luxury destinations by such operators as KMR and Lasko.

Another newcomer that has taken the market by storm is the Ohr Naava organization which is sponsoring a program at the Sheraton Crescent in Phoenix. Few programs were still advertising looking to fill the remaining rooms. At least two programs closed several months ago when the owners realized that they might not be able to fill the hotels.




  1. Despire what some might say, going to these places for yom tov might actually be a great idea. It’s a “true vacation” that will allow many people to have the maximum simchas yom tov which is a d’oraisa! If it has a good hechsher and allows people to relax and spend time with their family, what’s better than that? I hope many would take the time to learn as well!

  2. I am sure this is what Hashem had in mind when he gave us the Chag of Pesach.
    How many of these programs have people at pool side on Yom Tov as well.
    Lets put a Heimeshe name on it and then everything is allowed no problem.
    All should enjoy their seudas achashverosh as they stuff their bellies with all the required food.
    Where as cleaning for Pesach used to be the hachonos now its making room in your belly for the tea room!

  3. Whilst not criticising anyone for their decision to travel to a hotel for PESACH, I am sure everyone has a right to decide what to do, and some, if not all, have valid reasons for doing so, I cannot help commenting how nice is it to have ones own seder and yomtov at home. It is hard work, sometimes (nearly always) stressful and people do find it really hard, but the rewards of sharing this most amazing time with one’s family are unbelievable. (Obviously there are those who dont have family or company and these words are not meant in those circumstances.)

  4. my only comment is, is when did yom tov become a “vacation”? I’m not a hotel knocker. I financially fargin everyone. I view it as you, and especially your children are losing out in the long run and for that matter even in the short run. And if this requires an explanation why, then you will never understand it

  5. still nothing like making pesach in your own home with your children.

    from a person who spent many pesach yomim tovim in these fancy hotels working in them & seeing the atmosphere & food that it comes with.

    this year I will be spending it with my family & I couldn’t be happier

  6. On the last day of school last week, I wished my 9th grade class a chag kasher v’sameiach and one girl quipped that the sameiach part dosn’t apply to her because her family stays home for pesach and how unfair it is that many of her friends get to go to hotels and don’t have to clean/kasher/cook for pesach. That started a discussion in my class. We talked about how some families need to go to a hotel for various reasons but if you’re not going to one, we can’t imagine how much s’char awaits us for all the work and chaos of pesach. Every thing we clean and cook earns us unimaginable reward in the next world and it won’t compare to a hotel. Most of the girls had never thought of it that way and they felt a lot better about it. In fact, some of the hotel goers ended up upset that they couldn’t clean for pesach and experience the last tumult week before yom tov begins the way those staying home do! I didn’t want angry phone calls from parents so I tried not to stress it too much but we teachers need to commend those girls who are cleaning for pesach and constantly point out to them that it’s not for nothing, they are earning for themselves something much grander than a stay at a hotel. They came away with an understanding that while it’s not a bad thing to go to a hotel, why give up the reward inherent in the preparations if you don’t have to.

  7. I’m sure Moshe Rabeinu is smiling and shepping Nachas from Shomayim. Yes, this is definitely what he wanted.

  8. Many years ago,while learning yoreh deah in yeshiva , a woman who still kashered her own chickens came to the rosh yeshiva with a Sheila. As the Talmidim gathered around, one said “my grandmother used to kasher her own chickens”. And that was true of most of our grandmothers. In the not too distant future, a similar situation might arise where one Talmid says “my grandmother used to make her own pesach…”


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