1,400 Year Old Wine Press Mysteriously Appears In Yerushalayim


ancient wine pressBy Michael Zeff

While jogging in the park around a Yerushalayim neighborhood, local jogger stumbled upon an ancient ruin which wasn’t previously there. 

The Jerusalem resident immediately reported the strange discovery to the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), who confirmed that they had no archeological excavations going on in that neighborhood or any knowledge of any ruins.

However, after arriving on the scene, IAA archeologists were surprised to discover a 1,400 year old wine press fully and meticulously excavated out of the rock and exposed to the world.

“Our team was shocked” IAA spokesperson told the Tazpit News Agency “they saw a carefully exposed ancient wine press where none existed before, where not a single archeologist has ever even been digging.”

The mystery kept bothering IAA officials until it was discovered by the IAA team who took over the maintenance of the site that the ancient wine press was discovered and exposed by local children.

The neighborhood kids, it appears, were avid archeology fans and were simply “playing pretend” in the forest surrounding the neighborhood. Their game turned into reality when they were commended by the IAA for their care with the ruin, and the gentle work they put into exposing the winepress while preserving it at the same time.


{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Shalom. This is very neat. The children of Israel are playing and found that there is a history that was not yet discovered. The Torah might have indicated to us that our future is of course in our children’s hands. Now a winepress was discovered and the joy of a feeling of a good archaeological find is very special and a very big surprise.

    So too is Torah. If you find that you do not yet know how your values are formed in a jewish sense, take a change in your values and pursue Torah Education. Torah is perfect. The children in this story had no idea that they were in for a big discovery. They somehow did a very nice excavation. This is just evidence that Hashem might have given us back our history by the nature of the younger generation.

    Give credit where Credit is Due. Torah is very special and a child can have immeasurable hope for a new generation.

    Of Course!

  2. Comment number 1,
    what does torah have to due with excavating an ancient winepress? For all we know that winepress was used for avodah zarah! Did you ever think about that before commenting?

  3. To comment 5:
    Torah is the construct of the universe. If an event happens, it was known by Torah. The Winepress may have been used for sin, but its relevance to history is huge. And you could be more careful to use trusted English language instead of saying “due instead of do”. It might help your education.

  4. Number 6,
    Wow I accidently typed the wrong word good catch does that make you feel better?
    “Torah is the construct of the universe. If an event happens, it was known by Torah” wow, the torah isnt sentient so your point is invalid! If you were to say “if an event was to happen Hashem would know” that would make sense god not being bound by space and time.


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