18 Belzer Chassidim Stuck in Elevator As Shabbos Arrives

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belz A little more than a year after a similar incident, an elevator got stuck on Friday night in the main Belzer bais medrash building in Yerushalayim, with almost the same number of people.

As shkiah neared on Friday, 18 people were in the elevator in the building in Kiryat Belz. When they realized that the elevator wasn’t moving, they tried to call for help.

Gabbaim and others tried to free those trapped in the elevator but were unsuccessful in doing so and had no choice but to call the fire department for their assistance.

Soon, fire vehicles arrived from the nearby fire station on Rechov Shamgar, and a few minutes later, the people were rescued.

They were stuck in the elevator for about an hour.

The people in the elevator were found to be in good condition, but needed drinks and were given oxygen after being enclosed in the restricted space of the elevator for so long a time. 

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. just a question, how many people is the elevator designed to hold?

    a few months ago a group of 17 got stuck in the elevator in a similar situation.


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