Brooklyn Gas Station Serves Kosher Meals At Heimeshe Coffee Shop May 11, 2009  11:37 am

yossi_rubinfeld-smallReuven Fenton reports in the New York Post:
It’s a fill-up with a schmear. A gas station in one of Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish communities is offering up more than just candy and soda — it’s also peddling hearty stews, bagels with lox, challah and homemade gefilte fish for commuters hankering for an old-country nosh. “People fill up on gas and fill up on food at the same time,” said Sam Kay, 50, as he munched on¬†goodies at Rio gas station in Borough Park. “It’s good, Jewish and tasty.”Rio is on 14th Avenue and 38th Street in Borough Park, a neighborhood heavily populated by Hasidic Jews. In 2005, a new owner bought the station and transformed one garage bay into the Heimeshe Coffee Shop.

Its proximity to the Brooklyn Queens Expressway makes it a convenient pit stop.

“We get a lot of the same people every day,” said manager Asher Haliva, adding that the cholent — a stew of potatoes and beans — is particularly popular.

yossi_rubinfeldThe gefilte fish is made on site from ground whitefish mixed with eggs and seasoning, which is boiled and served with sliced carrots.

The station also sells shakshuka, a Middle Eastern medley of fried eggs and tomato sauce, and an array of pastries from Ostrovitsky’s, a well-known kosher bakery in Midwood.

Customer Esti Babiov, 34, said the gas station is ideal for her community.

“Where else can you fill up your car and get kosher heimish [home-like] food while you’re waiting?” she said.

Business usually picks up Thursdays and Fridays, when customers grab delicacies for Saturday, when the gas station is closed for the Sabbath.

“You’ll have a guy who comes Thursday night. He can pop in and get himself a good cholent, a cold drink, and be on his way,” said Yossi Rubinfeld, 30, who frequently pulls into Rio in the morning before going to work — but not to buy fish.

“In the morning, I don’t need heimish food. I need an apple danish and a coffee,” he said.

“The gefilte fish is for the afternoon.”

{NY Post/ Newscenter}

3 Responses to Brooklyn Gas Station Serves Kosher Meals At Heimeshe Coffee Shop

1 .Comment from boruch

May 11, 2009 at 1:32 pm
fressin fressin

2 .Comment from A Yid

May 11, 2009 at 3:18 pm
Ich Hub amol gehert fun a Chassishe Rebbe- "Besser tzi essen a sach vi tzi fressen a Bissel"!!!

3 .Comment from Mordechai

May 11, 2009 at 3:36 pm
This sounds like a recipe for extensive stomach problems once en route to destination.


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