2,000-Year-Old Mikvah Discovered Near Kosel


mikvah-found-in-yerushalayimIsraeli archaeologists say they have uncovered a mikvah in Yerushalayim that was likely used by Yidden being oleh regel to the Bais Hamikdosh two millenia ago. The mikvah is located next to the Har habayis. The second Bais Hamikdosh was destroyed by the Romans in the year 70.

The Israel Antiquities Authority says that the stone mikvah was found under homes in what is now the Old City’s Muslim Quarter.

The newly-revealed mikvah is among the largest ever discovered in Yerushalayim and was was found at the site known as the Kosel Tunnels, which has long been under excavation and study by the Israel Antiquities Authority. It is located about 30 meters past the entrance to the Tunnels, in the general direction of the Kosel. Once it becomes open to the public, the 11 steps leading down to the mikvah will be seen approximately 8 meters below floor level.

 {Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. so many discoveries lately that bring Hashem’s Bais Hamikdash closer to us, and to a new reality. May His Shchiah return Bbinan Bais hamikdash, bmheirah byameinu!


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