3 Palestinians Charged In Plot To Attack MK Feiglin, Glick On Har Habayis



Three Palestinian residents of eastern Jerusalem were indicted over the weekend on suspicion of conspiring to throw stones and firecrackers at Member of Knesset Moshe Feiglin and activist Yehuda Glick on the Har Habayis in late October.

Attorney Yifat Pinhasi claimed in the indictment that the three suspects had planned to stay in the Al-Aqsa mosque the night before Feiglin and Glick were scheduled to visit the Har Habayis and then to emerge during the visit to attack them.

Charges against Majed Bin Maher Kriki, 21, Mohammed Bin Azmi Bikri, 20, and Mahmoud Bin Amjad Jaber, 18, include conspiracy to commit a crime, production of a weapon, carrying a weapon unlawfully, arson and causing bodily harm, attempt to cause injury, rioting, and unlawful association.

Glick, a promoter of Jewish access to the Har Habayis in contravention to the opinions of the gedolei haposkim, was shot by an Arab terrorist in a separate incident on Oct. 29 and spent a month in the hospital.


{Matzav.com Israel}


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