Break Your Fast!



As Tisha b’av comes to a close we all are left with a sense of hope towards a consolation, towards a time when the shecinahwill find solace and we will be reunited and return to our land.


We’re all waiting for that “big break” the ultimate Geulah.


In the meantime, we’re here in galus, left to continue with the mundane doing our best to elevate our daily routines to a higher spiritual plain


As you break your fast, please take a moment to reflect upon the galus of many of our fellow brethren; families who’ve been entrusted with the holy neshamos of special-needs children.


While they give their children the utmost care and devotion throughout the year with the approach of summer, enabled by the soulful members of camp HASC, these families too find a moment of silence and respite from their hard work throughout the year. They and their special children get to enjoy a much needed break for seven weeks of the summer.


Camp HASC is a magical place, a remarkable summer camp that provides hundreds of children and adults with disabilities, the opportunity to enjoy the summer of their lives.


Otherwise challenged children can take a break from their routine and be regular campers. For their families, Camp HASC provides a much-needed respite.


“We always feel a tremendous sense of gratitude to the camp and its staff for providing such a wonderful experience where our child can thrive, and a needed and welcome respite for us as well,” an appreciative mother remarked. “The staff here is simply remarkable. The lengths they go to care for all our son’s needs – be they physical, academic, or emotional – are simply unable to be put into words.”


With a parent and camper body that spans the gamut of Yiddishkeit, the spirit of unity and dedication serves as the apparatus for the remarkable work of Camp HASC. No matter one’s background, position or role, at Camp HASC there is an undeniable sense of devotion and unity, a place where unconditional love is the only prerequisite.


It’s a sentiment that, particularly with the 3 weeks drawing to a close, we can – and should – all rally around.


On July 29th, in conjunction with Camp Experience Day, Camp HASC will be running a 36-hour CauseMatch fundraiser. Each dollar donated will be quadrupled by a group of generous donors, with a goal of $1 million raised.


Fact is, for Camp HASC to give so many people a break and provide the summer of a lifetime comes at a tremendous cost. Camp HASC is asking everyone to take a break out of their day and help support their Avodas Hakodesh.


By taking a break, you will actually be giving so many people a break. You’ll be giving children and adults with disabilities the ability to be a regular camper; you’ll be giving their parents and families a much-needed break where they can go about their lives normally; and you’ll be giving Camp HASC a much-needed break by helping shoulder the financial burden to make it all possible.


Click here to give the campaign a headstart and already donate now


The initial response from the community has been a resounding success, Baruch Hashem, as multiples have egged on one another to take a break, and give camp HASC a break.


To learn and see more, visit


You can also call in your donations to: 845.292.6821


Thanks you, and let us all merit the ultimate geulah.


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