4 Israeli Soldiers Wounded In Gaza Raid


idf1Tensions between Israel and Hamas in Gaza climbed overnight with a new first for the IDF’s Operation Protective Edge: Four Shayetet 13 commandos were lightly wounded after their team became the first foot soldiers – as far as is known – to enter the Gaza Strip in recent escalations.

The commandos, specially trained in various anti-terrorist tactics, attacked a building in Gaza overnight where, according to the IDF spokesman, dozens of long-range rockets have been fired at Israel reaching the skies over Tel Aviv and even further north.

The specialized incursion force was met with fire from Hamas operatives as they carried out their mission and returned fire. The target was destroyed and the four wounded soldiers were evacuated to Brazili Hospital in Ashkelon.

Both sides have ignored a unanimous recommendation for a cease-fire from the U.N. Security Council.

The operation did not appear to herald the start of a larger ground offensive.

The raid came after Hamas claimed responsibility for 10 rockets that were fired at Tel Aviv on Shabbos.

“We are going to attack there with great force in the next 24 hours due to a very large concentration of Hamas efforts in that area,” Israel Brig. Gen. Motti Almoz said on Shabbos.

Shortly after the announcement, an Israeli warplane struck the home of the Gaza police chief, Taysir al-Batsh, killing at least 18 people and wounding 50, said Health Ministry official Ashraf al-Kidra.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


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