$445 Million Spent On Obamacare Commercials


obama3A new analysis finds the nation’s health care overhaul deserves a place in advertising history. That’s according to a report Friday by nonpartisan analysts Kantar Media CMAG.

Paul Howard, Manhattan Institute senior fellow, discusses a GOP report saying one-third of consumers who signed up for health insurance through federal exchanges have not paid their first month premium.

President Barack Obama’s health care law has been the focus of extraordinarily high spending on negative political TV ads-ads that have gone largely unanswered by the law’s supporters.

The report estimates that $445 million has been spent on commercials mentioning the law since 2010. Spending on negative ads outpaced spending on positive ones by more than 15 to 1. Nearly all the spending was on local TV stations, in campaigns ranging from state treasurer and governor to congressional offices and the presidency.

Read more at CNBC.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. It’s Bush’s fault!
    It’s conservative talk radio like Sean and Rush who made it necessary!
    Lemmee see; who else can I blame???
    Well there are 8 million Americans who hadn’t had healthcare before but do now, so it is a good thing, ya know!


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