4th Air Gun Shooting Hits Paris Jewish Establishment, Police Seeking Suspects



In yet another possible copycat attack against Parisian Jews, unknown assailants fired a pellet gun at a kosher restaurant on Friday, according to the French-Jewish JSS News site.

There were no injuries and only slight damage to the window of Micky’s Kosher restaurant, located in the city’s heavily-Jewish 19th Arrondissement.

However, over a month of assaults against Jewish targets, including a brutal rape during a home invasion in December, and similar shooting attacks against a synagogue and other Jewish businesses, have prompted Chief Rabbi of Paris, Michel Guggenheim, to admit that the near-constant harassment is having “a powerful effect on the community.”

The attacks, which have taken place alongside a wave of stabbing and vehicular terror attacks by radical Muslims in several cities in France, have shocked many in the nearly 500,000-strong community, although Guggenheim added that, “Paris police are taking very severe measures against the phenomena, and, of course, we have no complaints against the security forces.”

As in the previous cases, police on Friday opened an investigation, although, there is, as yet, no word if suspects have been detained.

Community leaders believe one individual or group is behind the string of menacing attacks.

The Algemeiner Journal

{Matzav.com Newscenter}



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