$543M Mega Millions Jackpot Claimed by Co-Workers in Office Pool


An office pool of 11 co-workers in California claimed the Mega Millions winning jackpot prize of $543 million after the July 24 drawing.

The group, between the ages of 21 and 60, each chipped in $2 to the pool before purchasing their winning ticket — a Quick Pick that matched the numbers 19-2-4-1-29 and the Mega number 20 — from a “small business owner.” Reyes said he wanted to get the tickets from a local mom & pop shop, adding, “We’ll probably have a better chance.”

“It was spur of the moment,” one of the winners, Roland Reyes told the California Lottery. “‘Hey, did you hear about the jackpot? We should play,’” he said. The group showed up together to the Lottery’s East Bay District Office in Hayward on July 25 to collect their winning prize, the largest jackpot in California Lottery history.


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