70 Years After Liberation, Klausenburger Rebbe’s Pledge Emerges as World Class Hospital


klausenbergerAs Jews mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation of survivors from death camps in Eastern Europe in 1945, the milestone has particular significance for Laniado-Sanz Hospital in Netanya. Its emergence as a world-class medical center is thanks to a pledge made by its founder, the indefatigable late Rabbi Yekusiel Yehuda Halberstam, Sanz/Klauzenburger Rebbe zt”l. After guiding the skeletal survivors in the Displaced Persons Camps to rebuild their shattered lives, Rabbi Halberstam set out to redeem the pledge he made as he lay dying from a gunshot wound after losing his wife and 11 children at the hands of the Nazis. Should he survive, the Rebbe vowed, he would build a hospital in Eretz Israel that would provide quality medical care for all.

On May 3rd, the American Friends of Laniado Hospital will mark that important milestone at its annual dinner with an “Evening of Commemoration” at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Lower Manhattan. Since opening its doors in 1976, Laniado Hospital – Sanz Medical Center has emerged as a modern and highly advanced medical center with expertise in almost all major medical disciplines. Its modern 430 bed comprehensive health care facility is the only hospital serving Netanya’s 350,000 residents as well as the rapidly growing city’s surrounding towns and villages.

The remarkable story of the selfless surviving Rebbe, who put the personal tragic loss of his wife and 11 children on hold to resurrect the spirit of the thousands of orphans for whom he acted as father and mother, and imbued in them the security and willpower to marry and rebuild the Jewish homes that the Nazis sought to destroy, has served as the impetus for the support the hospital enjoys worldwide. The annual dinner gathers supporters from all walks of life who recognize the historic mission of a hospital which is the only medical facility for a major Israeli city and is recognized throughout the country for its quality medical care, often attracting patients from around the country. Laniado Hospital’s medical staff personifies the maxim of selfless dedication to patient care that the Rebbe worked tirelessly to instill.  Every patient benefits from some of the world’s most advanced medical technology regardless of age or ability to pay.  It is the only Hospital in Israel whose devoted staff never participated in the many recurring strikes affecting the Israeli health system.

In addition to its medical/surgical departments and units, diagnostic, therapeutic and research facilities, the growing Laniado Medical Complex includes a Geriatric and Rehabilitation Center, a School of Nursing, a state-of the art Children’s Hospital and an all-inclusive Diabetes Center – the first of its kind in Israel where diabetes patients are examined and treated by leading experts in related specialties resulting in a collaborative comprehensive treatment plan coordinated by the Center’s Director, Dr. Mark Niven, all on the same day.

Laniado’s Medical Research Laboratory, which in 2002 discovered a successful treatment for West Nile Virus, has since expanded its innovative research projects.  Since 2010, the Research Laboratory has tripled its facility size and installed new state-of-the-art equipment.  In collaboration with BioGenCell, a very promising bio-medical start-up company in the field of regenerative medicine, Laniado Hospital is actively pursuing the development of groundbreaking stem cell therapy for various debilitating diseases.  The research will be entering human clinical trials based on the remarkable efficacy and safety results in recent animal trials that have successfully proven its concept.

A major focus of the dinner will be to support the completion of the new $8 million Birthing Center, the fifth building of the Laniado medical campus. The new center will include such specialties as neonatology, fertility and birthing facilities. Laniado is one of Israel’s leading hospitals in terms of the number of annual births which in 2014 numbered 7,723.

For more information on the special Evening of Commemoration, please call Shirley Suchy at 212-944-2690 or e-mail to laniado@verizon.net.

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  1. Mamash a TZADIK! This hospital is truly amazing. They do treat everyone, regardless of financial status. Not-soo-rich people also deserve great doctors and treatment. This is where Laniado Hospital is superior than other hosptials. The Zanze Tzaddik lead and educated his staff a training of selflessness. He taught them what a life means. He led by example and showed that money is not in the same stratosphere as life! Life must be treated with devotion and holyness where money is worthless! Tehi zichro baruch!

  2. Why not have a presentation in the Congress of the US? The seed money came from us.Throw in the adopyion of the arab boy by the megical staff of the other hospital.Inviee OB to see if he would come.


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