1. I’m not the best at this but I will do my best, since I wanted read it too! with apologies for my mistakes, here goes:

    Our Jewish Brothers- those who tremble (charedim) to the word of God
    Behold we are witnesses, in our great sinfulness, to the breaking of many young homes from the disease of cancer, in Israel and in other lands, in a number unlike any time before this, and the deaths of children as well, in our great sinfulness.
    And as the Sages told us, that there are no deaths without trespass and no suffering without sin, and to our grief, the licentiousness in different forms, and in behaviour- in clothing and in devices, wreaking havoc in many God-fearing homes.
    And in our great sinfulness at this time when we are surrounded by enemies on the outside from other nations, now enemies have risen up from inside- the haters of God are lifting their heads, may God have mercy, and are plotting with wicked thoughts to uproot those precious ones who are busy with Torah, which is our merit of last resort for the continuance of the Jewish people.
    Therefore the time has come to arise and scrutinize our actions, so that we won’t allow destruction to come to our homes, – we must gather to beseech for mercy, joy and prayer before the Awesome One, Blessed is He, not to add to our sorrow and woe, so that sin will not be caused, chas v’shalom.
    \in accordance with the knowledge of the rabbis and leaders, let all the Jewish congregations gather on the day before the first of Sivan, Parshat Bamidbar/
    Every congregation in its synagogue and study hall, to beseech for mercy and for supplications by saying Tehillim and the prayers of Yom Kippur Katan, so that our grief not be increased further and we should be worthy of a complete teshuva- “I will surely have mercy, God will say.”

    Waiting for the mercy of God-
    Shmuel Halevi Wosner


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