9 Brains Found On Road In New York


brainsNine animal brains were found near a railroad track in upstate New York, according to witnesses and police. 

Clover Forsythe, a resident of Gouverneur, New York, told North Country Now that a neighbor found the organs while walking her dogs.

Forsythe posted a picture of the brains on her Facebook page, describing each as “the size of an apple.”

Police took one of the brains to local veterinarian Dr. Tim Monroe, who said it looked as if it had been professionally removed from a dog, and that it had been preserved in formaldehyde.

Monroe told WNYF the brain weighed about 70 grams, “which would be consistent with a dog-sized brain.”

“You have to appreciate when you remove a brain from a skull, which is made of bone, you have to cut the bone all the way around. This had not been damaged, or nicked, or cut in its removal,” he told North County Now. “I supposed it was somebody’s collection that had outlived its usefulness and been disposed of.”

Police said they did not believe a crime had been committed.

“Although the entire situation is disturbing,” Forsythe wrote on Facebook, “breathing a sigh of relief that we don’t have a predator killing dogs, but still creepy that someone would put them there.”

Source: United Press International




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