90% of Adults Now Have Health Insurance



A Gallup survey released Monday shows that nearly 90 percent of American adults now have health insurance-up from eight in 10 just two years ago. That change is due in part to the 14.75 million people who purchased health coverage through the Affordable Care Act exchanges, with the largest changes in insurance status coming among Hispanics and those making less than $36,000 annually. Read more at the New York Times.

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  1. How could you post this? Don’t you realize that this means President Obama did something GOOD? Aren’t you aware that as Frum Jews we have to tow the Republican Party line and acknowledge that EVERYTHING the president does is BAD?

    Next thing you know you’ll be reporting that the stock market’s gone up every year of his presidency.

  2. “Next thing you know you’ll be reporting that the stock market’s gone up every year of his presidency.”

    Or that unemployment and the budget deficit have gone down!

  3. Don’t forget an increase of 9 trillion in federal debt borrowed from your children to pay for these “successes”. Don’t forget the 5% drop in workforce participation rate, without which the unemployment rate would be 10%. Also, don’t forget how 6 years into the bush presidency the stock market and the housing market were soaring and the unemployment rate was far lower than today. Were you singing Bush’s praises? Or are you just the same partisan hacks you accuse republican jews of being?

  4. Comment No. 2

    It is an accomplishment! when a person is determined to fail to recognize others peoples achievements is an act of stupidity and jealousy. Like all USA presidents they do good things and not such a good things. This blind hatred of President Obama is inexplicable. Does it have to do with being black?

    In any case a Smart Jew should not blindly follow one party but rather analyze what is best of the issues. The fact is that the economy has improved and over all he has not harm anything.

  5. Whoopee.

    Pay attention to the wording:

    “Nearly 90% of adults have health insurance as compared to eight in ten just two years ago.”

    In other words, that means that from 80% of insured adults two years ago, now almost 90% have insurance.

    That means that it took two years, millions of taxpayer dollars, millions of people getting kicked off their plans and having to switch to less satisfactory plans and millions of people having their premiums go way up in order to get almost another 10% of adults insured.

    Anyone still impressed?

  6. If we put the good points of commenters #8 and #9 together, the real measurement for the success of Obamacare should be the amount of money paid out of pocket to cover premiums and deductibles pro-rata to the rise in the percentage of people who are insured.


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