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Israel Protests Jordanian Support of Har Nof Terrorists’ Families

Tuesday November 25, 2014 4:11 PM


The Israeli Embassy in Amman on Monday issued a letter of protest to the Jordanian Foreign Ministry in reaction to Jordanian Prime (more…)

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Witnesses: Mike Brown Charged at Wilson

Tuesday November 25, 2014 3:44 PM


Several black eyewitnesses to the confrontation between Darren Wilson and Michael Brown told a grand jury in St. Louis that the teenager turned and charged at the police officer before he was fatally (more…)

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2,200 Troops Deployed to Ferguson

Tuesday November 25, 2014 2:53 PM


Ferguson, Missouri will see a huge rise in the number of National Guard troops following a critical press conference by Mayor James (more…)

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Brown’s Lawyer: Process Was a Sham

Tuesday November 25, 2014 1:30 PM


The lawyer for Michael Brown’s family slammed a grand jury’s failure to indict Police Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of the (more…)

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UN: ISIS Made $45M in Ransoms This Year

Tuesday November 25, 2014 12:33 PM

isisA UN terrorist-monitoring expert said ISIS has taken in as much as $45 million in ransom payments so far this year alone. Yotsna Lalji told the UN Security Council’s Counter-Terrorism Committee that (more…)

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FDA Will Put Calorie Counts on Menus

Tuesday November 25, 2014 11:12 AM

calorie-menuWhether they want to or not, consumers will soon know how many calories they are eating when ordering off the menu at chain restaurants, picking up prepared foods at supermarkets, and even (more…)

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Honda Admits Failure to Report Deaths

Tuesday November 25, 2014 10:01 AM


Honda admitted Monday that it failed to report more than 1,700 death and injury claims related to accidents involving its vehicles, which is a violation of federal law. According to a third-party auditor, (more…)

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Dershowitz: Force May Be Israel’s Only Option Against Iran Nukes

Tuesday November 25, 2014 9:22 AM

gigiIf negotiators allow Iran to continue with its nuclear energy program, Israel “may have no choice” but to launch pre-emptive military strikes against Iranian (more…)

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Megyn Kelly: Sharpton ‘Stoked the Fires,’ Gave ‘Misinformation’ to Ferguson Protestors

Tuesday November 25, 2014 8:39 AM

sharptonFox’s Megyn Kelly blasted MSNBC host Al Sharpton last night, saying that he “stoked” racial tensions in Ferguson and put out “misinformation” to protesters. (more…)

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Holder Ignores Grand Jury, Says Federal Investigation “Remains Ongoing”

Tuesday November 25, 2014 8:12 AM

holder1Attorney General Eric Holder released a statement after news came down that Darren Wilson would not be indicted for the murder of Michael Brown in (more…)


Portrait of Frum Girl in Shul Wins International Photography Award

Tuesday November 25, 2014 7:40 AM

chayla-in-shul-photoBy Maya Benton

This week the National Portrait Gallery in London announced the winners of one of the world’s most prestigious portrait (more…)


Black Activist Supports Ferguson Grand Jury Decision

Tuesday November 25, 2014 7:17 AM

rev-jesse-lee-petersonThe Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, a conservative black civil-rights activist and national radio talk show host, said Monday night that he supports the grand jury (more…)


Obama After Ferguson Decision: “America Isn’t Everything That It Could Be”

Tuesday November 25, 2014 6:37 AM

obama-fergusonPresident Obama, speaking live to the nation after the decision in Ferguson not to indict a police office for the killing of Michael Brown, said that “America isn’t everything that it could be.” (more…)


New Iranian Propaganda Film Purports to Expose ‘Mossad Operations’

Tuesday November 25, 2014 6:00 AM


As last-minute nuclear talks between Iran and the West reached a critical stage, the Iranian mouthpiece, Press TV, released a transparent psy-ops film that (more…)

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As Nuclear Talks End in Stalemate, Iranian Commander Threatens to ‘Conquer Palestine’

Tuesday November 25, 2014 5:05 AM


As international negotiators departed Vienna yesterday, the commander of the widely-feared Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) threatened to (more…)

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No Let-Up: More UNRWA Employees, Including School Principals, Laud Har Nof Slaughter

Tuesday November 25, 2014 4:13 AM

facebook-page-of-mamoun-abunaser-an-unrwa-school-principal-in-syriaFurther examples of officials employed by UNRWA engaging in anti-Semitic activities online continue to surface, with no indication that the international (more…)

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Biden’s Hotel Bill for Turkey Visit: $625K

Tuesday November 25, 2014 2:56 AM

Was8855751Vice President Joe Biden just returned from a three-nation trip that concluded with a 48 hour visit to Turkey. The vice president, his wife, and his entourage (more…)

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Streets of Rage

Tuesday November 25, 2014 2:36 AM



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Photos: Chaos Reigns as Protesters Respond To Ferguson Grand Jury Decision

Tuesday November 25, 2014 2:10 AM

racism[Photos below.] Protesters assembled in Ferguson, Missouri, and across the U.S. Monday night following the announcement (more…)

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Jesse Jackson: Killings Have Become Commonplace

Tuesday November 25, 2014 1:14 AM

jesse-jacksonThe last time he was in Ferguson, Missouri, the Rev. Jesse Jackson said he got the sense that the man who shot Michael Brown would walk free. (more…)


NYC Police Commissioner William Bratton Hit By Blood Red Paint in NY Protests Over Ferguson Decision

Tuesday November 25, 2014 12:32 AM



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Times Square Shut Down By Protests

Tuesday November 25, 2014 12:13 AM

USA FERGUSON BROWN SHOOTING PROTESTThe Ferguson decision echoed all the way to New York, where protesters took to the streets Monday night following the announcement that Officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted. (more…)

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Today’s Yahrtzeits and History - 3 Kislev

Tuesday November 25, 2014 12:01 AM

yahrtzeit-candleRav Meshulam Yissaschar Ashkenazi of Stamford Hill, London, the Stanislaver Rebbe (1995). (more…)

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A Jewish Perspective on Obama, Lincoln, and Gettysburg

Monday November 24, 2014 11:10 PM

rav-menachem-genackBy Rabbi Menachem Genack, Englewood, N.J.

In light of President Obama’s recent drubbing in the mid-term elections, the anniversary of the Gettysburg Address is a good time to see what Abraham (more…)

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Obama Urges Peace, ‘Restraint’ After Grand Jury Decision in Ferguson

Monday November 24, 2014 10:38 PM

obama9President Barack Obama appealed for calm and understanding in Ferguson on Monday after a grand jury decided not to indict in the death of Michael Brown, pleading with both residents and police (more…)

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US Warns Israel Against Calling Itself the Jewish State

Monday November 24, 2014 10:01 PM

israelThe US weighed in on Israel’s “Nationality Law’ proposal on Monday night, warning Israel against straying from its democratic principles. (more…)


JUST IN: No Indictment in Ferguson Case, Rioting in Missouri Expected

Monday November 24, 2014 9:10 PM


9:10 p.m. EST: Police Officer Darren Wilson will not face charges for fatally shooting Michael Brown in a case that set off violent protests and racial unrest throughout the (more…)


Video: Watch President Obama Fumble Easy Question on Precedent

Monday November 24, 2014 8:47 PM

obama6[Video below.] President Obama completely fumbles when George Stephanopolous asks him how he’d respond if a future president takes the same action on taxes that Obama has taken on (more…)

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Turkish Prez: Women Not Equal to Men

Monday November 24, 2014 8:04 PM


Turkish President Recep Erdogan went on a gender rant at - of all places - a women’s conference in Istanbul. (more…)

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Thanksgiving Storm Heads East

Monday November 24, 2014 7:18 PM


The skies can’t decide how terrible your Thanksgiving flights will be. Starting Wednesday morning, (more…)

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U.S. Flying Trapped Turtles to Florida

Monday November 24, 2014 6:52 PM


A group of trapped turtles will get to winter in Florida, thanks to the rescue efforts of the U.S. Coast (more…)


Uproar in Knesset as MKs Call Feiglin ‘Fascist’ and Threaten to “Choke” Him

Monday November 24, 2014 6:17 PM

moshe-feiglinRecriminations abound in the Knesset Monday, as MK Moshe Feiglin (Likud) removed MK Mohammed Barakeh (Hadash) from the stand after Barakeh threatened to “choke” him. (more…)


FAA to Clamp Down on Drones; Pilot’s License to be Required

Monday November 24, 2014 5:09 PM

droneThe FAA is set to announce regulations for commercial drones, some six years after drone industry advocates sought federal guidance. (more…)

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Iran Nuke Talks Extended to July 2015

Monday November 24, 2014 4:22 PM

iran-nuclear-chiefThe deadline for a final Iran nuclear agreement is expected to be extended to July 1, 2015, according to Western diplomats. The talks will aim to secure a political agreement by March. The first round of (more…)

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R’ Chaim Yechiel Rothman Still in Coma

Monday November 24, 2014 3:40 PM

chaim-yechiel-rothmanR’ Chaim Yechiel Rothman, the 54-year-old Canadian citizen who was struck in the head with a meat cleaver in the terror attack in Har Nof neighborhood, is in a medically induced coma and has lost (more…)

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Yehuda Glick Released from the Hospital

Monday November 24, 2014 2:40 PM

yehuda-glick3Yehuda Glick, a promoter of Jewish access to the Har Habayis who was shot and seriously wounded by a Palestinian terrorist from eastern Yerushalayim in late October, has been released from the (more…)


Ferguson Grand Jury Decision at 8 PM

Monday November 24, 2014 2:15 PM

ferguson4The world will find out the fate of Officer Darren Wilson at 8 p.m. Eastern tonight. The grand jury (more…)

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Jimmy Carter Calls John McCain A “Warmonger”

Monday November 24, 2014 1:48 PM

jimmy-carterFormer US President Jimmy Carter has hit out at long-time critic and Republican senator John McCain, suggesting he’d rather be a bad leader than a “warmonger.” (more…)