A Mother’s Plea


Eight years ago, our family was blessed with a special child. A special child, although all my children are special. However, Yanky*, takes up more than his share of our financial and emotional rescources.

I won’t bore you with his entire life story. As you can imagine, our life is full of challenges.

From the moment we joined the SCHI family, we were welcomed with open arms. Everything was taken care of. There was never a moment that we felt alone, as SCHI was always there for us. Whether it was education, personal needs, life skills, therapies, the list goes on and on… The word “no” doesn’t exist in SCHI’s vocabulary, and we never felt that we had to deal with anything ourselves, as SCHI is always there for us.

B”H, Yanky is thriving in SCHI and has excelled way beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. He has B”H exceeded beyond belief and we keep setting his goals even higher.

Having a special needs child makes everything more challenging. The strain that it places on the parents and siblings is incredible.

Unfortunately all this is in jeopardy, as we were informed that there is a possible danger of us having to face a future without SCHI…

I am having nightmare just thinking about it, and I don’t know how I, and my fellow parents will survive.

I am writing you asking you to open your hearts… As I know K’lal Yisroel feels with us…

You always are so nice to Yanky. You smile at him in Shul. You greet him in the grocery store. You spend time talking to him in the doctor’s office.

But, now I am asking you to do more. I am asking you to open your wallets. Help us save our child. He needs SCHI. We, his parents, need SCHI. And Lakewood needs SCHI.

To join with the parents of SCHI,  VISIT HERE: www.duvys.com/simple/schi

Checks can be mailed to:

SCHI Parents Emergency Campaign 

345 Oak St. 

Lakewood NJ 08701. 

732.886.0900, ext. 1607

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