A Plea from a Fellow Yid in Dire Straits


To whom it may concern

There are many people asking for help on a daily basis with different parnassah related issues. Each one is unique and each one is painful. Believe me that when someone asks for help it’s not easy. I know that because today that “someone” is me. I am a hard worker and do not want to take any handouts, but I am in an impossible position.

I worked two jobs for over five years to support my family. One of them is running a car and messenger service.

The business is beyond dead. The image of the industry has taken a beating and everyone is looking to take anUber, even if they charge a lot more.

I decided that “enough is enough” and I would like to transition to a sector where I can work hard and make a living. I want to join Uber but in order to join, you need avehicle and that is under 5 years old. I took care of all theother Uber requirements and passed a TLC test.

I have zero money to get the car, and even had to borrow money for food for Shabbos. I personally put my pride aside and asked people for help, but unfortunately did not receive any.

Within 24 hours of purchasing a new vehicle, I can begin working for Uber. From speaking to many professional drivers, one can realistically make $60K to $125K.

More debt is not going to solve anything. I need to get back on my feet and I cannot do that on my own. I cannot get approved for a lease or financing because my credit is shot. I had a 800 credit score for 20 years until someone billed my credit card for thousands of dollars without authorization. Even just getting a cosigner on a lease would make all the difference.

No job and no food for Shabbos – and threats to kick my kids out of school – is where I’m at now. Anyone who can help me would be greatly appreciated.

Tizke Lmitzvos


Please contact Duvi@parnassahnetwork.com if you can help in any way.



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