A Reader Writes: Ticketing By Police – It’s Out of Control


lakewoodDear Editor,

Question: Are police paid with our tax dollars to protect us or to hound us with unending traffic tickets? Do we need two or three police cars at a routine traffic stop? Do we need police in cars and on bikes on every other street so that motorists who commit the most minor infractions are automatically ticketed?

I’m just wondering. I am trying to figure out how it works and why people just sit around not making a tumult.

Remember, the police are hired to serve us. We are paying their salaries with our hard-earned money. If we feel that they are abusing their power or being misused, we have the right to demand change from our officials. And if change isn’t forthcoming, let our voices be heard at the polls.

Enough is enough.

C. R.

Lakewood, NJ

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  1. Ticketing in Lakewood is ridiculous!! All day you see the cops driving around with their noses up looking for any minor offense. They are so anti-Semitic and are full of pride!! We need to stop it!!

  2. It all comes down to $$$- cities and municipalties have learned that this is a great way to raise money without appearing to be increasung taxes- and it works- which is why if you go to court to fight the ticket they are more than happy to make a deal with you for no points etc- as long as you are ready to pay the hefty fines and court costs that come with the deal- it;s like leading sheep to slaughter!

  3. i agree. however i think they should be stricter abt moving violations and not stand at a meter waiting for someone’s time to run out. i see people go through red lights and make uturns and not get ticketed and then the person who is five minutes late to the meter gets a ticket. HOW CAN THAT MAKE SENSE????

  4. WELL DONT DRIVE LIKE AN ANIMAL AND YOU WONT GET A TICKET! I also pay taxes and I want you to get a ticket if you break the law.

  5. i dont think its necessarily antisemitism – they pull over jews and non jews alike – i do agree that its completely out of hand – instead of fighting crime theyre chasing good citizens as if they were criminals

  6. Follow the laws and you will not get ticketed. I have been a resident of Lakewood for many years and never got a ticket. Park a block away, do not block the intersection.

    And yes we need the police around to keep crime away. If they took the police off the street you would complain too.

    The bottom line is that some people, like you, are perpetual complainers.

  7. If you’re breaking the law, you’re not a good citizen.

    If you don’t want a ticket, don’t break the law.

    Most of those laws are there for a purpose – bad driving kills people. What if you run a red light and kill a child? Why should you risk killing someone and having to live with that guilt for the rest of your life?

    The wise person is the one who pays heed to tochacha.

  8. I agree that people who break the law should in some way be taught a lesson. Who said tickets have to be $200 in one shot?

    two times in my family within the last year ticketing agents stood at the car and waited until the time they were allowed to legally write a ticket. One was done by a “real” one who wrote it and wrote it out early. There is no reason for someone to be fined $115+ for feeding a meter a minute late.

  9. I guess the author of this letter got caught doing something illegal and is trying to blame the cops.
    You sound like the Jew who speeds at 90mph with a car full of kids (a relative of mine) or who ties up traffic with his double parked car on 13th Avenue andand then calls the cop an anti-semite for giving him a ticket.

  10. The only thing out of control are the letters being posted. We need the cops to keep a strong downtown presence to keep it safe. If you park legally you will not get ticketed.

    Remember the police are here to serve all of us. We are paying their salaries with our hard earned money. They are doing a wonderful job, especially when people like you are totally unappreciative. The only change we need is with your attitude.

  11. im surprised there are so many bleeding heart liberals in this forum – to compare someone sppeding, talking on cell while driving etc to a criminal is simple stupidity – these cops arent doing their jobs of fighting crime, instead theyre being instructed to fill up the coffers of the township with cash

  12. The government wants to tax the rich like 80 % and give it to the poor. but they cant get away with doing it straight up. so they make rules that indirectly result in rich people paying it. some examples are certain tickets. the plea bargaining .all tolls(the bridges are already paid for). all “luxury” taxes like for cellphones. parking. making stupid rules like needing to go to the eye doctor once a year to fill out a prescription for glasses . its illegal without a recent prescription. so they can charge you a mint for appointments. of course insurance pays for It but your insurance costs a few hundred dollars more a year because of it. meanwhile the government collects a cut from the doc. the insurance company. etc. last example . a liquor licence can be 50 grand. who pays . the owner. but ultimately the wine and beer cost more to compensate it . lots of more cases.

  13. I’d much rather they give tickets than not be able to move on Clifton Ave. due to double-parked cars.
    I’d much rather they give tickets than swerve to avoid someone on a cell phone coming into my lane.
    I’d much rather they give tickets than not be able to see if there is a car coming due to someone parkedto close or into an intersection.
    I’d much rather they give tickets than be in an accident with someone who didn’t stop at a stop sign.
    I’d much rather they write tickets than write accident reports.

  14. If your kids are buckled in, your not on the cell phone kabitzing, and you obey the laws you won’t get a ticket. It has nothing to do with antisemitism, it has to do with breaking the law.


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