Abbas Asks Kushner To Intervene In Har Habayis Crisis


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has reached out to US President Donald Trump’s top Middle East advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner, asking him to exert pressure on Israel to remove metal detectors installed at the entrance of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem in response to a deadly terror attack the area last Friday.

During their conversation, Abbas attempted to solicit a US commitment to ordering Israel to back away from the area by explaining to Kushner the severity of the crisis, warning that it could spiral out of control if Israel doesn’t withdraw its beefed-up presence and immediately take the detectors down. Read more at YNet.


  1. This brings the meaning of chutzpah to lows hardly seen before.
    The metal detectors, Mr. Dumbo Abu Mazen ali Muhammad Abaas ibn Dumbo, were placed there because your peeps attacked police with guns that they smuggled onto the place. And as your peeps do – cowards as they are – they hide in schools, hospitals and places of worship.
    Now you can take the monies the world gives you for helping the lives of your peeps and pay the terrorists families.
    The metal detectors were placed there to save you and the world money and to save lives. DOPE.

  2. Jared is a classic white Manhattan liberal with no understanding of the true dynamics of how the middle east operates. Mazen knows that and is playing Jared for the fool that he is.


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