Abbas: Kidnapped Youths “Must Be Returned”


abbas1PA President Mahmoud Abbas spoke out today against the kidnapping of three Israeli teens and demanded their immediate release. During a visit to Saudi Arabia he said: “Those who perpetrated this act want to destroy us [the Palestinians]. The three young men are human beings just like us and must be returned to their families.”

In his address at the Organization of the Islamic Conference Abbas said: “It is in our interest to have security coordination with Israel because that would help protect us….I say it frankly, we will never have another intifada – that would destroy us.”

A senior Palestinian official said that if it was proved that Hamas was behind the kidnappings, the PA would reevaluate the unity pact.

Read more at: Times of Israel

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  1. This is another case of tragic double-talk by Yemoch Shmo. To his followers in Arabic he says the exact opposite, like his predecessor.

  2. Correction :
    human beings “just like us” L’Havdil Elef Havdalos!!!. May HASHEM in HIS INFINITE MERCY
    return the children to their families unharmed
    immediately. Amen!!!

  3. He is a rasha. But a stopped clock is correct 2x/day so give him credit for this rare incident of doing something right.

  4. In other puppet news, Kermit the Frog awoke Miss Piggy from her nap…
    He belongs on a kid’s TV show, that’s how laughable this puppet Abbas is!

  5. In Hamas puppet news, abu-Jihad woke up al-Hijab to carry out a terrorist attack.

    Hamas puppet news is not a joke!!!


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