Abbas Rejects Israeli Tax Funds



Frozen tax revenues Israel recently released for the Palestinian Authority have been rejected by President Mahmoud Abbas.

Abbas announced this week that he ordered them returned because money had been deducted for debts to Israeli utility companies.

Israel had withheld roughly $130 million a month in tax and custom revenues after Palestinians announced they were joining the International Criminal Court. Last week Israel announced it would resume the transfers, and immediately pay $400 million. Read more.

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  1. “because money was deducted” – meaning that Israel deducted and that Abbas was angry about it and in anger returned the whole thing or that Abbas decided that it wasn’t owed to them due to the debts that were accrued to the utility companies

  2. Did Abbas get upset that Israel deducted the money and in his anger return the whole thing or did Abbas himself deduct the money that was owed to Israeli utility companies

  3. sorry I think I mistakenly sent in the same comment twice (wasn’t sure if the original one was submitted correctly)

  4. Why?
    Why are we all quiet??
    This is chutzpah of the highest order!
    He’s a great criminal and the world sits by quietly. Not a sound!!! The world takes it!!
    This guy is responsible for countless deaths and damages as result of their terrorism and they support the terrorists by throwing them parades, name streets for them and give them monthly stipends and he’s now going to dictate the terms of this entreat!!!?
    Where is President Insane?
    How could this be???


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