Abbas Says No Evidence Shows Hamas Is Behind Kidnapping Of Three Israeli Teens


abbas Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said today that there is no evidence that Islamic Hamas movement is behind the kidnapping of three Israelis in the West Bank.

Abbas made the statement to reporters after meeting with members of the Arab Journalists Union that held a conference in both Ramallah in the West Bank and in Gaza in solidarity with Jerusalem.

He also told reporters that kidnapping three Israelis in the West Bank can happen at any place, “but it is not justified and not accepted,” adding that the Palestinians are doing their best to bring the three Israelis back.

Three Israeli teenagers disappeared near the southern West bank town of Hebron in June 12. Israel said they were kidnapped and accused Hamas movement of being involved in the kidnapping. The Israeli army therefore allegedly launched a large-scale military operation in the West Bank and arrested more than 400 Palestinians, including lawmakers, former prisoners and leaders.

According to Abbas, the Israeli army shot dead two Palestinian young men in the West Bank during a weeklong military operation allover the West Bank to search for the three Israelis.




  1. Next time he or his wife needs a hospital let him go to a hospital in Turkey. That’s where the Hamas leader is hiding.

  2. How dare this dog get any legitimacy? As long as we don’t have our boys back place a hijab, black cover over his face and give him no forum! He knows where they are and who’s got them!


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