Abbas Vows No Government Role for Hamas Officials Who Refuse to Publicly Recognize Israel

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Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Sunday night that he would not appoint Hamas figures to his cabinet if they did not openly and publicly recognize Israel, according to former MKs visiting the seat of Palestinian government in Ramallah.

The Israeli delegation included 12 former cabinet members and lawmakers of the Peace Parliament Forum, including ex-Labor Party Chairman Amram Mitzna, and former Israeli lawmakers Taleb el-Sana, Ofir Pines-Paz and Raleb Majadele, who was the first Israeli Arab minister, as well as former MKs Colette Avital and Taleb el-Sana. Read more at Ha’Aretz.




  1. And of they do recognize Israel, how would that stop these murderers from remaining dedicated terrorists? Their words are worth as much as Abbas’ own, which don’t count for anything.

  2. And how exactly is that going to discourage Hamas from their terrorist’s aim???? It’s NOT!!! Hamas clearly i indicated that they were not interested in Cabinet positions. They just need electricity and infrastructure help –therefore they agreed to the “reconciliation” with Fatah….Other than that , they were not giving up on dropping their arms or jihad against Israel….Abas is a con-artist if he believes that Israel will go for it!!!! Obviously the reconciliation with Hamas is a move BACKWARDS for his so called quest for peace…….Abas will be forced to filll the demands of Hamas ; otherwise they may attempt to get rid of him and put their puppet as leader.


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