Abbas: We Will Never Recognize Israel as a Jewish State



“We will never recognize the Jewishness of the state of Israel,” Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas declared yesterday.

Abbas’s statement came at a meeting of Arab foreign ministers and was quoted by Channel 10 News. At that same meeting, the foreign ministers announced their “categorical rejection of recognizing Israel as a Jewish state.”

According to Channel 10, Abbas said in his remarks at the meeting that the security coordination between Israel and the PA would be suspended unless peace negotiations resume.

He further said that he demanded that the United States and its Secretary of State John Kerry work together with him to create an outline to be submitted to the UN Security Council and which would pressure Israel to stop “settlement construction.” Read more at Arutz Sheva.

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  1. If the Israeli left don’t recognize Israel as a Jewish State, why should Arabs?

    And the truth is, the way Israel looks today, with desecration of Shabbat, the sale of pork, etc, is it Jewish?

  2. In the bid for the establishment of a Palestinian State, does Mahmoud Abbas indicate whether that state will be Arabic, democratic, or Islamic in character?

    Or will it simply be known as the brutal, murderous, and treacherous state of Palestine?

    In any event it will certainly not accommodate the “horrific” Jewish value of “Lo Tirtzach”, thou shalt not murder. Even if were to deem itself secular, any Palestinian state will be based on the noble values of “pereh odom” and “al charbecha tichyeh”, to be the scourge of mankind, and to live by the sword.

    But no way will pacifist Jewish values be allowed to take root anywhere across the globe. That is an abomination that the “civilized” world cannot tolerate.

  3. There can be no Palestinian State if there is no Jewish State.

    Israel needs to unequivocally reject ANY and ALL proposals that do not stipulate to a Jewish State.


  4. Abbas also holds:
    No Jews allowed in any “Palestinian” areas.
    The bais hamikdosh never existed either, so need for Jews in there either. Western wall included.
    The shoah never happened, so no reason for Jews to leave Europe, let the Jews go back to Germany, where they belong.
    Most Jews are fake, they really are Kazars so send them back.
    Jews were rejected by Hashem, they deserve to suffer. Anyone who kills them gets a street named after him/her and free support for the family.
    Jews are not human, they are pigs and monkeys.

  5. and also, the muslims discovered that the world is round 500 years before anyone else did. but their anivus is such that they never told anyone about their amazing discovery until now. but, they’ve had enough of that modesty so, I guess they feel entitled to a country of their own so the whole world (Globe) can at last appreciate their gadlus

    how can it be that otherwise educated intelligent people are falling for this? I guess it’s just like the many people who fall for the scam that there is money on deposit in your name in some African country


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