Abbas’s Fatah Threatens Israel: ‘Prepare the Body Bags’


fatahYesterday, Fatah, headed by Abbas, posted the following threat to Israelis:  “Sons of Zion, this is an oath to the Lord of the Heavens: Prepare all the bags you can for your body parts” [Facebook, “Fatah – The Main Page,” July 7, 2014].

Two days ago, Fatah posted a similar threat with a picture of burning houses: “The sons of Fatah will turn your settlements into balls of fire and increase your horror”
[Facebook, “Fatah – The Main Page,”July 5, 2014].

Earlier this month, Fatah posted a poem including the line “We wish for the blood to become rivers”: “The source of terrorism is the Zionist… The Zionist, by Allah, is treacherous O settler, O malicious one, Your time has ended.. O Arabs, enough betrayal: We wish for the blood to become rivers… This homeland wants [your] rage –
It does not want you to wait.” [Facebook, “Fatah – The Main Page,” July 2, 2014].

Last week, Palestinian Media Watch exposed similar rhetoric inciting to violence used by Fatah: “Blood demands blood; millions of Martyrs (Shahids) are marching to Jerusalem.” [Facebook, “Fatah – The Main Page,” July 3, 2014] Similarly: “An oath in the name of the Lord of the Universe, O sons of Zion: blood for blood.” [Facebook, “Fatah – The Main Page,” July 1, 2014].

Palestinian Media Watch

{ Israel}


  1. If that fat slob terrorist, Abbas, is threatening Israel, he should be taken out just like all the rest of those DOGS!

  2. As long as they incite there should be no negotiating with them.This should be made clear to all the restrainers.Why hasnt Israel turned off the power?


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