Achieving The American Dream and Having Fun Doing It with Anthony Scaramucci


This week we are privileged to have Skybridge founder and former head of the White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci. He is speaking to us days before he is set to depart on a trip to Israel with Duvi Honig and the OJC to see business opportunities in the Holy Land.

Anthony shares his insights and experiences of how he built two companies that sold for over nine figures, created the phenomenally successful SALT conference in Las Vegas which hosts the top minds in finance, and his experience with the Donald J. Trump administration.

Besides the personal story of a man from a middle class upbringing achieving the American dream, Scaramucci shares why he is a Zionist, why Israel is important to everyone, and timeless business tips to grow big, create a successful network, and build maximum value in a company.




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