Adding Water to a Vaporizer On Shabbos


humidifierIt is permitted to add water on Shabbos to a cold-water vaporizer on Shabbos. Causing the water to vaporize in this manner does not involve the Melocho of Zoreh (winnowing) or any other restriction, because the scattering action is not caused by wind force, but by the spinning motion of a large, flat disc located at the top of the vaporizer container. As the disc spins it lifts up droplets from the water surface, and forces them out through an opening or vent. On the other hand, adding water to a hot-water vaporizer is strictly forbidden due to the Melocho of Bishul (cooking).

{Hilchos Shabbos R’ Shimon Eider citing R’ Moshe Feinstein, S’U R’ Akiva Eiger 271:20, Biur Halacha 319, Sefer 39 Melochos}{ Newscenter}


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