AFP Amends Captions: Temple Mount Closures Follow Deadly Attacks 

Camera reports that on Sunday, Agence France Presse published a series of photographs with captions noting that “Israel took the highly unusual decision to close the Al-Aqsa mosque compound for Friday prayers, leading to anger from Muslims and Jordan, the holy site’s custodian.”
The captions originally included not a word about Friday’s deadly attacks, in which three Arab Israeli assailants exiting the compound fired on Israeli policemen.
By ignoring the deadly attacks, AFP’s captions left the misimpression that Israel arbitrarily made Muslims’ lives more difficult for no apparent reason.
Following Camera’s communication with AFP, the news agency commendably amended all of the captions to refer to the deadly attacks.
{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Unfortunately, by the time the corrections were made, the damage was already done. Nobody reads corrected old news


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