After Iran Deal, Israeli Defense Officials Say Military Option Remains Ready


moshe yaalonBy David Daoud

Israel will maintain its readiness to exercise a military option against Iranian nuclear sites despite the deal struck between the P5+1 powers and Tehran on Tuesday, Israel’s Walla reported, citing senior Israeli defense officials.

The Jewish state sees the military option as vital amid the possibility that it may find itself isolated, facing Iran alone as a result of the nuclear deal, according to the report.

Other defense officials told Walla that Israel will closely follow the progress of Iran’s nuclear work, monitoring for any changes in Tehran’s behavior that might warrant an Israeli military response.

According to the officials, Israel’s experience to date in dealing with world powers demonstrates that it can only rely on itself.

“Nobody can guarantee Iran won’t violate the agreement. They’re liars, and Israel must be ready regardless of U.S. President Barack Obama’s promises that Iran won’t be allowed to get a nuclear weapon,” an official said.

The Algemeiner Journal

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