After Shooting 200 Rockets, Hamas Blames Israel For Escalation


Terrorists in the Gaza Strip fired 180 rockets and mortars at southern Israel overnight Wednesday. In response, the IDF attacked terrorist targets in Gaza. But that is not the story according to Hamas.

Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum blamed Israel for the security situation because it chose to “attack Palestinian fighters” in their positions when the Hamas delegation submitted its response to the proposal for a truce agreement.

According to Barhoum, if the Israeli “aggression” continues with the bombing of the Gaza Strip, the “resistance organizations” will not be silent but will fulfill their obligation to respond and break the rules of the game that Israel is trying to dictate.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Hamas is right. Israel is so stupid. Their pacifist approach only brings their troubles upon themselves. Hamas smells the Israeli weakness from miles away. So do I. Hamas, like the democrats here, have a great PR propaganda machine and the dumb sabra’s are too stupid & drunk to have any coherent response.

  2. Time to wipe Hamas out. They cannot be trusted on any truces or ceasefire. They always twist everyrhi g to blame the Israelis, What are the Israelis waiting for? More korbonos? Im loh achshov eimosai!!!!


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