AG: It Will be Difficult to Defend Deri Appointment


aryeh-deri2Israeli Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein has told Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu that it will be difficult for him to defend the appointment of Shas chairman MK Aryeh Deri as Economy Minister to the Supreme Court, but that there is no legal reason preventing his appointment, Arutz Sheva reports.

“I reached the conclusion that the current legal situation can be interpreted as not posing a legal obstacle to appointing Deri as a minister in the government,” Weinstein wrote in a legal opinion sent to Netanyahu and quoted by Haaretz.

“However, it is a decision that raises legal difficulties, considering Deri’s criminal record and the damage to the public’s faith in the regime’s integrity and in its proper conduct, which could be caused by Deri’s appointment as a minister, given his background,” he added. Weinstein added that the possibility that his appointment to a specific would raise further difficulties cannot be ruled out.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. the cat is watching over the milk. Weinstein himself employed someone illegally claiming his wife did it but will not prosecute. he will also not the defend the chief Rabbi’s. he probably does not like anybody with a Kippa unless it is the Pope

  2. Is weinstein the only public big-wig in Israel not yet indicted? Even Netanyahu had his issue once! Get Preet Broohaha after him. LoL
    Likely it’s a matter of time until he’ll see his day too!

  3. Why do Charedi parties need to have one of their own appointed as a cabinet minister? Can’t Charedi interests be protected simply by the threat of leaving the coalition should any minister, even one chosen by Bibi Netanyahu himself, run his ministerial position in a way that runs contrary to what the Charedim deem acceptable?

    The appointment of Aryeh Deri as Economy minister, fine gentleman that he may be, or any other visibly Charedi for that matter, would likely add flame to the notion that Charedim are interested in their complete takeover of the State rather than the simple protection of their constituency.

    Furthermore, one must be concerned with the apparent conflict of interest of having a party chairman occupying a ministerial position. A cabinet minister is intrinsically involved in protecting his position, and his judgement may be clouded by the threat of his removal from that post. A charismatic individual such as Deri could persuade Charedi leaders and their followers that he is acting in their best interest, when in reality he is acting on his own behalf.

    No, I believe a lot more could be accomplished in furtherance of Torah values, if ministers would be appointed from outside the Charedi camp and yet be subject to a less overt manipulation by the Charedi parties.


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