Agudas Yisroel Statement on Today’s Supreme Court Ruling

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agudath-israel-emblemThe following statement was released today by Agudas Yisroel of America in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage:

“Society’s mores may shift and crumble but eternal verities exist. One is marriage, the union of a man and a woman.

“Its sanctity may have been grievously insulted by the High Court today, but that sanctity remains untouched.”

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  1. Rav Mattisyahu Salomon Shlita once related a story that impacted him greatly. He was walking as a bochur in yeshiva Kfar Chasidim and the Mashgiach Rav Elyah Lopion ZT”l pointed to a tree in autumn. There where some very colorful leaves and still some green leaves. The observation was that the leaves that were colorful and diverse were in fact indicating that their connection to their source of life was diminishing whereas the boring uniform green leaves were bursting with vitality. This is the upshot of todays ruling it is not necessarily a cause of American decay rather it is an indicator that beneath the vibrant color of inclusion America has lost its connection to its source of life i.e. the moral principles which gave rise to this great republic.

  2. Well said!

    B”H no according “the utmost respect” to today’s result R”L – the Federal recognition of Toeivah “marriage” – as did another Jewish organization.

  3. This is to the ungrateful citizens of America: Its one thing to disagree its another to delegitimatize the democratic process. Clearly none of you ever experienced oppression otherwise you wouldn’t dare open your mouth’s in such a condescending way about this great country of freedom.

  4. #1 Excellent comment!
    The moral fiber of America has stooped so low; not coincidental that this ruling came on the 3 weeks; al eileh ani bochia…..

  5. #11,

    I’m all for the democratic process, which resulted in the passage of the Defense of Marriage Act by both Houses of Congress and with the signature of President Clinton. Yesterday, however, 5 unelected judges undermined the democratic process by invalidating that legislation.

  6. It is certainly noteworthy that this terrible Churban – this terrible calamity was publicized the day after Shiva Asar B’Tammuz, which is right at the beginning of the three week period of Aveilus – of mourning for the Churban Beis HaMikdash – the Destruction of the (world central) Temple, which really includes the mourning for all Churbanos.

  7. “Its sanctity may have been grievously insulted by the High Court today, but that sanctity remains untouched.”

    Law affects culture, and culture affects law. So no, the sanctity of marriage has not merely been “insulted” — it has been grievously damaged.

  8. There are two organizations that I know about that look like very fine establishments that are specifically fighting against the wicked Toeiva thingy. They are:

    1.) Public Advocate of the United States,
    web site: and

    2.) Campaign for Children and Families, web site:

    Their web sites have large amounts of great source materials and detailed news updates on the issues; I would think that it is a big Mitzva to support them.

  9. I missed this. I just wanted to extend the same bracha I did in the later article, that those who are oskim b’tzarchei tzibbur be’emunah see peiros.


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