Agudath Israel Hails EEOC for Suing Dunkin’ Donuts for Refusing to Hire Man Who Won’t Work on Saturday


chocolate-donutAgudath Israel of America today hailed the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for bringing a lawsuit against a franchise of Dunkin’ Donuts. The lawsuit, brought against Citi Brands, LLC, charges that the franchise violated federal law by refusing to hire an employee because his religion forbade him from working on his Sabbath.

The employee, Darrell Litrell, is a Seventh-day Adventist who will not work from sunset on Friday until sunset on Saturday. He had applied for a position of a donut maker and was given the job, only to have the job offer revoked once the employer was told that Litrell would not work on his Sabbath. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits employers from refusing to hire people because of their religion, and requires employers to make an effort at a reasonable accommodation for sincerely held religious beliefs.

Mordechai Biser, General Counsel of Agudath Israel, stated, “we applaud the EEOC for bringing this lawsuit. Employers need to know that it is illegal to refuse to hire an employee because of his or her religion, and that they are required by federal law to attempt to accommodate Sabbath observers in the workplace. Whether the employee is a Seventh-day Adventist, an Orthodox Jew, or anyone else who observes a day as his or her Sabbath, employers must make a reasonable effort to accommodate that observance.”

{Matzav.colm Newscenter}


  1. I am not sure I like the idea. What is a sincerely held belief and what is a religious belief?
    And what exactly would prevent every random goy from looking up the number of holidays for a few religions (it happens that Judaism tops the list or anyway is very high) and demanding a lot of days off from Porky Piggy Suine Restaurant. Then what? Will the employer request they show their “sincerity” by wearing a yarmulke?

    Then I have one more question. Suppose I would like to hire security personnel for a Jewish kindergarden and I receive applications from very sincere-looking radical Muslims or veterocatholics (i.e. those who blame Jews for the death of their idol, despite their very own gospel saying otherwise). I know I have to respect their despicable beliefs, in deference to democracy, freedom of speech, blah, blah. But that I have to hire them?

  2. you realize that if they can’t fire him for Sabbath observance they will observe him under a magnifier seeking any little thing to fire him over

  3. Dunkin Donuts outlets are franchises and many are under orthodox rabbinic supervision. Do not penalize all the franchises for the actions of one bad apple. (Bad donut?) I think that the franchise described in the article is in western North Carolina.


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