Ah Freilichen Purim from Matzav.com


matzav-logo1The staff at Matzav.com would like to wish all of our readers around the globe a  gut voch and ah freilichen Purim. We hope you all have a wonderful and uplifting Purim with your friends and family, enjoying this most special day, a day to which Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year, is compared as a “Yom K’Purim.” May we all reach new spiritual heights on this unique day and may this be the last Purim we celebrate in golus.

At this time we express our gratefulness to all those who have supported Matzav.com in this important endeavor to provide a kosher and uplifting Torah online newscenter for the greater frum community. Of course, we thank our supporters, sponsors and advertisers, as well as our dedicated readers and contributors from countries around the world.

Thank you for making Matzav.com the #1 Torah news site on the Web.

Elisha Ferber

On behalf of the Matzav.com staff


  1. This is a chutzpa NOIRA and against DAAS TORAH. we dont haf to lissen to TZIONISHE DAYOS and chas vichalila to be meshtatef in such KRUMMKEIT

  2. That would be avoda betala. You have posted the same comment four times, using three different names, within seven days.

    It wasn’t “funny” then, and it went down like a lead balloon this time.


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