Ais La’asos – A Time to Act


By Rabbi Dovid Abenson

We are all a work in progress! Yet, many of our precious children and students are struggling, feeling unfulfilled and disattatched. Torah learning has become a burden for many.

Let me share with you a phone call I received from a yungerman’s wife who called me disillusioned, that her husband, who held 3 sedarim a day in kollel, did not open a sefer at all on Shabbos. I speculated that he most probably struggled in either kriah, basic grammar and/or translation, and therefore was not able to learn on his own. (She couldn’t believe it since he had been in kollel for 10 years.)  A subsequent evaluation revealed this fact. 


Then, there are those who have unfortunately left the Torah world. How many stories have we recently heard about of students who, as children did not make it through the system and admitted that they had struggled academically in school or yeshiva only to give up and look for happiness in other areas?

What can we do to stop this ever-growing catastrophe? How can we bring back simchas hachaim where it has been lost?

At our reading and learning upgrade programs have proven to be the lifeline for thousands of children, students and adults who have found themselves in the downward whirlpool of frustration. Many have gotten back on board and found fulfillment in their learning once again Boruch Hashem!

Please forward the enclosed endorsed notice to as many people you feel could benefit from one of these programs. Individuals like yourself can help create a real change by stemming the tide of the spiritual apathy our children are experiencing.

Be part of restoring our Mesorah to our precious children once again!

Thanking you in advance,

Rabbi Dovid Abenson

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Please note the below programs are actively supported by Rav Mattisyahu Salomon.


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