Al Qaeda: Jews Run World With Psychology


cia-al-qaeda1One of the documents taken from Osama bin Laden’s compound and released Wednesday by the U.S. claims that “Jews were able to control world forces with these two sciences, sociology and psychology.”

Another document released from that trove instructs members to “avoid talking about the Jews and Palestine when talking to the Germans. This subject is very sensitive to in Germany, and it will bring negative results to our goal.” Read more at



  1. So the jews all over the world seem to have the same goal world domination. These nutjobs have no imagination same old jews control everything. Every country that has hated us and will hate us always say we control everything. if we control everything how do they expect to win?
    On a side note nobody ever bats a eye on the tremendous pull the saudi/arab/muslim lobby has. How many universities are banning scholors from arab countries with terrible human rights records? Any??? Nope only Israel oh good old antisemitism. The rabbid goyim (not all) always find a way to dress it up anew. “AntiZionism”


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