Alan Gross Moves To Israel


Alan Gross, 68, the Jewish contractor who languished for five years in a Cuban jail after going to the Communist state to set up internet for local Jews, has moved to Israel. He loves taking walks from his Tel Aviv home to the Carmel Market and the Yaffo port. He told JTA that he visited Israel probably sixty times in the past and moved there because he loves being with Jews.

Speaking of a recent visit to an IKEA store, he said it “was unique because almost all of the people were Jewish. That’s an incredible, refreshing feeling.”

Gross visits a cigar store every Friday to satisfy a cigar habit he picked up in jail.

“The Cuban government would give me a box of nice cigars every time a dignitary visited,” he recalled. “Each box was worth a month’s salary to a Cuban.”

His Cuban jailors were less generous when it came to food. Gross lost five teeth due to poor nutrition and survived thanks to families of his cellmates, who brought him food for five years.

He and his wife Judy have one daughter in Yerushalayim and another who is about to move to China.

{ Israel News Bureau}


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