Alert: Early Shabbos & Parking Meters



I’v seen this happen many times and I was thinking that maybe it would be a good for to share the following with your readers, so they can save themselves from aggravation on Shabbos and the week after.

The zeman for Shabbos Kodesh is earlier in the winter and the parking meters are usually in affect on Friday until 7 p.m. I have seen a lot of drivers who are used to parking their cars on corners of their homes or shuls and when they come the last minute and they see free parking, they park and run in to shul without looking at their watch or the signs. The meter maids don’t go home earlier because of Shabbos and they write tickets for those cars parked at expired meters. Then, the driver passes his car on the way to or from shul, and sees that orange envelope on his car and he can’t even look at it to see how much it will cost him.

Please make the readers of aware of this. 

Yaakov W.



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