All Oregon Gunman’s Firearms Purchased Legally

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Umpqua Community College shootingThe Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms said at a press conference Friday they recovered 13 firearms from the person and residence of Chris Harper Mercer, the 26-year-old gunman who fatally shot nine people at Umpqua Community College.

The ATF said all the weapons were purchased legally, either by Mercer or his family.

Mercer was also wearing a flack jacket, which included five ammunition magazines. Read more at CNN.



  1. If the guns were not available legally, this determined psycho would have still purchased illegally or even manufactured at home. Keep in mind, he targeted a place where people were not allowed to carry. No matter how crazy, he’d never attack a bunch of armed people. So called “gun control” does not actually control guns. All it does is throwing law abiding citizens at mercy of criminal and insane.

  2. Time: 3:50 PM Pacific Standard Time

    Examine the entry at, which relates the phenomenon with many of the commonly prescribed psychiatric medications. That in numerous cases, instead of curing the patient’s mental illness and making him normal, they actually make the patient become much, much worse — EVEN TO THE POINT OF SEVERE VIOLENCE AND SUICIDE, RACHMANA LITZLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! — — — — — — — Therefore, this serious aspect of this horrific tragedy needs to be investigated: had this shooter been taking any psychiatric medication???

  3. “this determined psycho would have still purchased illegally”

    Might as well legalize murder and theft then because criminals ignore those laws, too.

  4. Charlie, your opposition to reasonably quick death penalty for even most heinous crimes practically legalized the murder already. Waiting 30 years on death row is not much different than life in prison; and most career criminals don’t find prisons too appalling. The criminal behavior is not controlled by laws, but, in absence of conscience, by fear of quick and harsh retaliation. Want to stop gun crime? – Let the law abiding people carry. Let the justice system concentrate its wrath on murders, assaults and muggings as opposed to made up crimes such as drugs and some white collar.

  5. This individual, I suppose, was “law-abiding” in the sense of having no criminal record. A person who wishes to purchase and carry a weapon should have to ask for a permit, and after having obtained one, if this person fails to properly guard the weapons he/she is responsible, and if this person for whatever reason uses the weapons for criminal activities, those who signed his permit are responsible. This is what happens in most other Western countries. In addition, I agree with Anonymous #4 that law enforcement should prosecute violent crimes and not waste the taxpayers’ dollars with made-up crimes such as white-collar and drug offences, and I agree with Anonymous #1 about the need to put metal detectors and a few police / law enforcement officers wherever weapon carrying is restricted (as opposed to wasting endless resources in order to harass passengers at airports, and having no security checks anyone else). Still we can’t ignore the problem of having just about anybody being able to purchase a firearm. To commenter #2, psychiatric medication has effects and side-effects (it’s medication after all, it’s not fresh water): should this not mean that anyone who is or has been taking it should be very, very carefully scrutinized (if allowed at all) before being allowed to purchase a weapon? Such a person has a much higher risk of R”L suicide or even worse than that. Nobody is disputing this, not psychiatrists, not drug manufacturers, why is it so hard to draw conclusions?


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