Alt-Right Plans ‘Free Speech’ March Against Google


Alt-right protesters are planning a “March On Google” next week, following the tech giant’s firing of an employee over his internal company memo discussing gender differences in the workforce.

“We are going to raise awareness about Google’s one-sided bias and campaign against dissenting opinions and voices,” Posobiec told The Mercury News.

The marches will take place “anywhere Google has an office” including Austin, Boston, New York City, Mountain View, and Washington, D.C. Read more at The Hill.





  1. Alt right group is a dangerous group.
    And no one should be associated with it.
    But can there be another group who can protest the political correctness of this country.
    I hope someone out there can create a group.
    Who wants to save our history
    Protect freedom of speech
    Protest tech giants who erase block conservative opinions.
    Protect religious values.
    Without having to join alt right.


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