Amazon Crash Takes Down Dozens of Sites


amazonAmazon isn’t just an online shopping destination. Apparently, it controls the whole internet. Amazon, it turns out, is one of the web’s biggest cloud-based service provider, and a temporary outage today affected some of its star clients, including Netflix, Reddit, Flipboard, Pinterest, and Fast Company.

Amazon blames the crash on “connectivity issues and degraded performance” from some of its servers.

The same Twitter user who claimed connections to hacktivist group Anonymous claimed responsibility, but it’s worth noting that the same person claimed responsibility for last week’s GoDaddy crash, which the company said was not trueRead more at NBC Newsweek Magazine.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. perhaps its time for us to realize that Hashem runs the world %100 percent & everything is in his hands, nothing can be done without Hashems approval, although Hashem gave us the gift of free will


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