Americans Approve of Torture by 2-1


ciaAmericans aren’t particularly bothered by the torture interrogation tactics revealed in last week’s Senate report on the CIA. A new poll from Washington Post-ABC News shows 59 percent of Americans approve the CIA’s brutal treatment of detainees post-September 11.

Only 31 percent took issue with the interrogation methods.

Furthermore, 58 percent Americans believe the torture of detainees is justified “often” or “sometimes.”

CIA interrogation tactics included rectal feeding, waterboarding, and forcing detainees to stand on broken legs. The New York Times reported Tuesday that James Mitchell, the man who was one of the prime designers and advocates of these post-9/11 tactics, was vetted by CIA officials in under 24 hours. Read it at New York Times.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. I’m not surprised! This is a country that has become addicted to violent video games. Every week there is either police violence or mass shootings. Democracy has its flaws such as allowing stupid people influence the future and morality through the democratic process! In Judaism democratic decisions are made by scholars!

  2. Jewish scholars ALLOW torture if necessary!

    As has been noted, Harav JD Bleich has a lengthy Halachic discussion where he proves that torture IS permitted in certain cases of even Safek Pikuach Nefesh. This may offend the sensibilities of certain people such as “Rabbi” Goldstein (who offers liberal-sounding pap instead of Halachic proof) and to them I say, “Go learn”!


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