An 18 Year Old Bachur Wants to Learn in Yeshiva – But His Parents Can’t Afford It


Avraham* is a sweet, sincere 18 year old bachur from a major frum community in our region. He has been learning in Eretz Yisroel in a suitable Yeshiva, where he shteiged immensely. He is eager to return for the new zeman and continue his ruchniyus and personal growth during this crucial juncture in life.

Unfortunately, Avraham has as of yet been unable to return simply due to financial constraints. His parents cannot afford the Yeshiva’s tuition, let alone airfare or other expenses.

Not only do Avraham’s parents both work hard to support their family, but Avraham himself undertook a difficult job over the summer in order to pay for his own Yeshiva expenses. Still, they came up short.

This shy bachur has been forced to reach out to others to raise the remaining$3,000, which would enable him to attend Yeshiva for the next year. “All he wants to do is learn and grow in the manner that is most suitable for him,” attests Reb Duvi Honig, who knows this bachur personally and his spearheading this campaign. “There is no more important form of kiruv than kiruvkerovim, and I look forward to the community responding generously to this call.”

Donations to help Avraham return to Yeshiva are tax deductible, and facilitated through the nonprofit Parnassah Network organization. Please click HERE to make a donation. It is quick, easy and will make a lifelong difference for one of our neighbors!



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